Starting at Andrew Square, follow Boston Street south crossing over I-93, passing the Fortress Storage building (the one with the giant padlock on it), to Columbia Road. That intersection is where Mass Ave ends (there's a giant pear on the opposite corner).

Turn left onto Columbia Road and go to the next major intersection (the "Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta" church is there).

Turn left onto Dorchester Ave ("Dot Ave"). Go north ending again at Andrew Square.

Boston Street Deli

96 Boston Street
At the corner of Rawson Street

The owner, a former music producer involved with the New Kids on the Block, owns much of the Real Estate in the neighborhood and runs the deli as a labor of love. He drives a white Bentley (it's in the picture).

...Speaking of the New Kids, this is Donnie & Mark Wahlberg's 'hood.

This place is right across the street from the big padlock building.

DJ's Market

120 Boston Street
At the corner of Howell Street

4:30 pm Sunday and they're already closed...

... That's too bad because this was the first of the four delis I visited a couple weeks ago on the recommendation of Boston Speed's Hot Dog Wagon chef, Greg Gale. He told me there's some damn good Polish sausages rockin' that house.

This place is one block south of the Boston Street Deli.

Baltic Deli

632 Dorchester Avenue

1/2 block south of Andrew Square

I bought "Podhalanska" there.


808 Dorchester Avenue
At the corner of Locust Street

Similar to the other delis, this place is like a convenient store with a deli counter in the back. The ladies were nice and the place is super clean.

I bought the dark smoked Kielbasa there.

One brunette, one blonde. Nice!

Hi from Black Beauty and Sea Biscuit!


Real Polish Kielbasa...

A manly meal!

... More giant things.