Pomona, CA Winternationals Feb 11, 2018 ♦ Race #1 of 24
TFW Doug Kalitta [1] TFR Tony Schumacher
FCW Matt Hagan [1] FCR Robert Hight
PSCW Bo Butner [1] PSCR Jason Line
  Entire race day plagued by explosions and oil downs. It took 2 hours to complete E1. John Force blows body off car during qualifying. Brittany Force crashes hard into left wall and is transported to hospital during E1.
Phoenix, AZ Arizona Nationals Feb 25, 2018 ♦ Race #2 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [1] TFR Scott Palmer
FCW Courtney Force [1] FCR Tommy Johnson
PSCW Chris McGaha [1] PSCR Jason Line
  Big crash during FC E2 between John Force and Jonnie Lindberg. Force blew up shedding the body and after bouncing off left wall veered over into path of Lindberg in the right lane. Lindberg walked away but Force was taken to hospital. Courtney wins FC for the first time since 2016. Many upsets in TF. Deric Kramer career-first #1 qualifier.
Gainesville, FL Gatornationals Mar 18, 2018 ♦ Race #3 of 24
TFW Richie Crampton [1] TFR Shawn Reed
FCW Jack Beckman [1] FCR Matt Hagan
PSCW Tanner Gray [1] PSCR Bo Butner
PSMW Eddie Kraweic [1] PSMR Andrew Hines
  Third body shredding explosion for John Force in three events! Big crash for Pro Mod driver Chad Green. Hector Arana Jr finally posts first 200 mph run in Pro Motorcycle history, seven years after the first 199 mph run. Body shredding simultaneous explosions for Robert Hight & Matt Hagan, side-by-side. Shawn Reed makes it all the way to the final then breaks down on the line. Crampton back in winner's circle after a long departure.
Las Vegas, NV Denso Spark Plugs 4-Wide Nationals Apr 8, 2018 ♦ Race #4 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [2] TFR Tony Schumacher
FCW JR Todd [1] FCR Jack Beckman
PSCW Vincent Nobile [1] PSCR Deric Kramer
  Inaugaral 4-Wide race in 'Vegas.
Houston, TX Spring Nationals Apr 22, 2018 ♦ Race #5 of 24
TFW Brittany Force [1] TFR Terry McMillen
FCW JR Todd [2] FCR Robert Hight
PSCW Matt Hartford [1] PSCR Erica Enders
  Brian & Gwen Mead were there on Sunday.
Charlotte, NC 4-Wide Nationals Apr 29, 2018 ♦ Race #6 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [3] TFR Doug Kalitta
FCW Cruz Pedregon [1] FCR John Force
PSCW Erica Enders [1] PSCR Vincent Nobile
PSMW Jerry Savoie [1] PSMR Andrew Hines
  Cruz Pedregon's first event win since 2014.
Atlanta, GA Southern Nationals May 6, 2018 ♦ Race #7 of 24
TFW Leah Pritchett [1] TFR Blake Alexander
FCW Courtney Force [2] FCR Matt Hagan
PSCW Vincent Nobile [2] PSCR Tanner Gray
PSMW Eddie Kraweic [2] PSMR Scotty Pollacheck
  Second season wins for Courtney Force, Vincent Nobile and Eddie Kraweic. Sadly, Top Sportsman driver Randy Alexander has fatal finish line crash while racing Bob Mandell in the first round of Eliminations.
Topeka, KS Menards Heartland Nationals May 20, 2018 ♦ Race #8 of 24
TFW Clay Millican [1] TFR Terry McMillen
FCW Courtney Force [3] FCR Robert Hight
PSCW Deric Kramer [1] PSCR Erica Enders
  All three pro class winners were also #qualifiers. This was Clay Millican's second career win and Deric Kramer's first. Third win for Courtney Force this season after a winless 2017 season. Courtney's crew chief this year is Brian Corradi formerly with Antron Brown. Sunday race day was rain-delayed by 8 hours. First round began at 7pm and only two rounds were run Sunday. The following rounds were run on Monday.
Chicago, IL Route 66 Nationals Jun 3, 2018 ♦ Race #9 of 24
TFW Clay Millican [2] TFR Leah Pritchett
FCW Robert Hight [1] FCR Ron Capps
PSCW Jeg Coughlin Jr [1] PSCR Greg Anderson
PSMW Matt Smith [1] PSMR LE Tonglet
  John Force crashed hard into the right wall during Q4 but walks away. This was Force's fourth big crash/explosion this season. Luigi Novelli wins his first round in competition since 2004. This was Clay Millican's second straight win.
Richmond, VA Virginia Nationals Jun 10, 2018 ♦ Race #10 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [4] TFR Doug Kalitta
FCW Courtney Force [4] FCR John Force
PSCW Tanner Gray [2] PSCR Erica Enders
PSMW LE Tonglet [1] PSMR Andrew Hines
  Steve Torrence's and Courtney Force's 4th wins apiece this season. Buffalo's own Mike Janis wins in Pro Mod over Mike Castellana. Janis' 7th win. All four DSR Funny Cars out in round 1. Cruz Pedregon shreds the body in Q3. First race here in Virginia in 9 years (NHRA's replacement of defunct Englishtown).
Bristol, TN Thunder Valley Nationals Jun 17, 2018 ♦ Race #11 of 24
TFW Tony Schumacher [1] TFR Mike Salinas
FCW Ron Capps [1] FCR Bob Tasca
PSCW Jeg Coughlin Jr [2] PSCR Greg Anderson
  DSR doubles up with Tony & Capps. Salinas and Tasca made it to the finals. Mike Janis lost in Pro Mod semifinal round against Todd Tutarow. Khalid Al Balooshi wins in Pro Mod final. 140° race track made for slow times and tricky surface. Chad Green's Pro Mod got upside down in the shutdown area because of no chutes and hard braking. Doug Winters also has a minor crash in his 66 Chevelle Pro Mod as he loses control of the car, crossed the center line and crashed into the right wall.
Norwalk, OH Summit Racing Equipment Nationals Jun 24, 2018 ♦ Race #12 of 24
TFW Blake Alexander [1] TFR Terry McMillen
FCW Matt Hagan [2] FCR Courtney Force
PSCW Tanner Gray [3] PSCR Erica Enders
PSMW Eddie Kraweic [3] PSMR Jerry Savoie
  All qualifying sessions plagued by rain delays resulting in only two sessions (one on Friday, one on Saturday) to set run order. Luckily, no rain on race day. Clay Millican and Courtney Force were #1 qualifiers AGAIN! Blake Alexander (in a Vandergriff car) gets his first career win. McMillen's third final round this season. Aside from the unlucky rain outs, those lucky Norwalk fans get Nitro, Alcohol, PSC, PSM, Pro Mods, and Gassers. Like Indy.
Epping, NH New England Nationals Jul 8, 2018 ♦ Race #13 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [5] TFR Antron Brown
FCW Matt Hagan [3] FCR Tim Wilkerson
PSCW Chris McGaha [2] PSCR Eric Enders
  Friday started with a long delay. Although it only rained until 11:30 AM, the rain got under the rubber on the track and they had to scrape it up and lay down a new surface causing a 1 hour delay for all sessions. Friday night after the sun went down produced quick ETs as it was cold! Rest of weekend, although a little hot on Saturday, was picture perfect weather. Torrence wins his 5th and Hagan his 3rd this season. McGaha wins over Enders as she uncharacteristically red-lit in the final. Al Segrini was featured as nostalgia guest during a pit walkthrough and track walk (as was Don Roberts [driver of Jade Grenade TF in the '70's]). I was there all three days with Friday tickets won at Indy and received in the mail directly from Jeff Morton of NHRA. Learned a lot this time out, such as: Got best Sunday parking ever by arriving at 7:45am, AND, had best seats ever on pit side stands at 330 mark top row in the stands. With optimal parking space on Sunday, I was able to get out of the lot and onto the highway within just two minutes! Great weekend!
Denver, CO Mile-High Nationals Jul 22, 2018 ♦ Race #14 of 24
TFW Leah Pritchett [2] TFR Doug Kalitta
FCW John Force [1] FCR Ron Capps
PSCW Greg Anderson [1] PSCR Jason Line
PSMW Hector Arana Jr [1] PSMR Jerry Savoie
  Leah Pritchett wins it for Dodge – the race sponsor. John Force and Greg Anderson get their first win of the season. Cruz Pedregon showed off a beautiful new black "OWN IT" Snap-On body but launched it high into the sky after an engine explosion in Q1. All three JFR funny cars made it to the semi-finals where John beat Courtney and Capps beat Hight. Great race!
Sonoma, CA Sonoma Nationals Jul 29, 2018 ♦ Race #15 of 24
TFW Blake Alexander [2] TFR Tony Schumacher
FCW Robert Hight [2] FCR Ron Capps
PSCW Jeg Coughlin Jr [3] PSCR Deric Kramer
PSMW LE Tonglet [2] PSMR Andrew Hines
Seattle, WA Northwest Nationals Aug 5, 2018 ♦ Race #16 of 24
TFW Antron Brown [1] TFR Leah Pritchett
FCW Ron Capps [2] FCR Courtney Force
PSCW Tanner Gray [4] PSCR Deric Kramer
  Another unlucky break for Cruz Pedregon who blew up another Snap-On "OWN IT" body in Q1. John Force did not qualify until Q4. This was Antron Brown's first win in 1 year, since same race last year in Seattle. Although the racing was exciting and fun to watch, two other political incidents occurred of interest. On Saturday, 2 of the Elite Motorsports Pro-Stock teams (Enders and Coughlin) were served a "protest" from Chris McGaha who put up $2000 for the cost of the protest. NHRA officials had to tear down the engines of those two teams to inspect rule compliance. It was determined that they were in compliance and were awarded the $2000 paid by McGaha (minus $200 paid to the NHRA). Also, during a finish-line interview with Ron Capps, he mentioned that Jim Head made an inapporpriate remark to him previous to their 1st round run. Although he praised driver Jonnie Lindberg, he had several negative comments about Jim Head. Will be interesting to find out the details of this incident if it becomes public.
Brainerd, MN Lucas Oil Nationals Aug 19, 2018 ♦ Race #17 of 24
TFW Billy Torrence [1] TFR Antron Brown
FCW Jack Beckman [2] FCR Tommy Johnson Jr
PSCW Deric Kramer [2] PSCR Tanner Gray
PSMW Eddie Kraweic [4] PSMR Andrew Hines
  Dale Creasy Jr blows the body off his funny car during qualifying. Tanner Gray red lit in the final against Kramer. Billy Torrence's first win ever (and he was #1 qualifier too).
Indianapolis, IN Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals Sep 3, 2018 ♦ Race #18 of 24
TFW Terry McMillen [1] TFR Doug Kalitta
FCW JR Todd [3] FCR Matt Hagan
PSCW Tanner Gray [5] PSCR Jeg Coughlin
PSMW LE Tonglet [3] PSMR Eddie Kraweic
  For me, bittersweet - my first year in 5 missing this race in person. On the other hand, several attendees complained on CompPlus blog that few cars made it down the track during 5 qualifying sessions and one said it was "boring". Hot & humid weather was the culprit (like my 2nd year there, 2015). This was Terry McMillen's second win ever, glad for him that it happened here. JR Todd's second Indy win in a row. Tanner Gray's 5 win this year. Fox coverage was excellent - great camera angles, aerial views, interviews, historic spots, etc.
Reading, PA Dodge Nationals Sep 16, 2018 ♦ Race #19 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [6] TFR Tony Schumacher
FCW JR Todd [4] FCR Tim Wilkerson
PSCW Vincent Nobile [3] PSCR Drew Skillman
PSMW Hector Arana Jr [2] PSMR LE Tonglet
  I was there Saturday & Sunday and it was HOT both days (but at least, no rain). Qualifying and racing all pretty good with far less breakage than my experiences here in the past. No more bathroom attendents — Great! Number one qualifiers were Clay Millican, Courtney Force, Tanner Gray & Matt Smith. Susie made me chicken sandwiches for both days which she packed in my little cooler with waters. Got ok parking Saturday but was smart to move my car closer to exit before Q4 which allowed me to leave venue and get up onto Bowmansville Rd within 7 minutes. Had the BEST parking space on Sunday nearly right at the end of exit walkway on the nearest grassy lot. Was out of the venue and onto Bowmansville Rd within 3 minutes (I had to wait for the Menonites on their bikes to pass). Aside from the hot weather it was a fun event although nothing noteworthy occurred. Nice to be back here after a 3-year hiatus — Very nice venue — picturesque. Points leaders so far: S Torrence, JR Todd, T Gray, E Krawiec.
St. Louis, MO Midwest Nationals Sep 23, 2018 ♦ Race #20 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [7] TFR Clay Millican
FCW Robert Hight [3] FCR Tim Wilkerson
PSCW Tanner Gray [6] PSCR Drew Skillman
PSMW Matt Smith [2] PSMR LE Tonglet
  Clay Millican & Courtney Force are #1 qualifiers AGAIN. Robert Hight has explosion and hard crash to left wall during the final. Points leaders so far: S_Torrence, C_Millican, T_Schumacher ♦ R_Hight, JR_Todd, C_Force ♦ T_Gray, V_Nobile, D_Skillman ♦ M_Smith, LE_Tonglet, E_Kraweic
Dallas, TX Texas Fall Nationals Oct 7, 2018 ♦ Race #21 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [8] TFR Terry McMillen
FCW Robert Hight [4] FCR JR Todd
PSCW Tanner Gray [7] PSCR Jeg Coughlin Jr
PSMW LE Tonglet [4] PSMR Jerry Savoie
  When the points leaders continue to win, the trailers fall further behind. This is Torrence's 3rd consecutive countdown win after 5 reg season wins (8 total wins in season so far). Although he also had 8 total wins in the 2017 season by this time last year, he only had 1 countdown win (St. Louis), then crashed at this event destroying his championship momentum while Brittany Force took 3 of the countdown wins and 1 runner up allowing her to win the championship. Hight bounces back to win this event after breaking a collar bone at big finish-line crash/win at previous race in St. Louis.
Charlotte, NC Carolina Nationals Oct 14, 2018 ♦ Race #22 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [9] TFR Brittany Force
FCW Ron Capps [3] FCR JR Todd
PSCW Jason Line [1] PSCR Tanner Gray
PSMW Matt Smith [3] PSMR Chip Ellis
  Points leaders: Torrence, Millican, Schumacher ♦ Hight, Todd, Capps ♦ Gray, Coughlin, Nobile ♦ M Smith, Tonglet, Kraweic.
Las Vegas, NV Toyota Nationals Oct 28, 2018 ♦ Race #23 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [10] TFR Leah Pritchett
FCW JR Todd [5] FCR Matt Hagan
PSCW Bo Butner [2] PSCR Erica Enders
PSMW Hector Arana [3] PSMR Eddie Kraweic
  After having won 20 consecutive rounds in the countdown, Steve Torrence clinches the 2018 Top Fuel Championship. Hagan and Pritchett both make it to the finals and both sporting CHROME Pennzoil bodies. Sweet. Points leaders for FC / PSC / PSM / : Robert Hight, Tanner Gray, Matt Smith
Pomona, CA Auto Club Finals Nov 11, 2018 ♦ Race #24 of 24
TFW Steve Torrence [11] TFR Tony Schumacher
FCW JR Todd [6] FCR Tommy Johnson Jr
PSCW Tanner Gray [8] PSCR Drew Skillman
PSMW Matt Smith [4] PSMR Eddie Kraweic
  For the first time in NHRA history, all four Mello Yello world champions also won the season-ending Auto Club NHRA Finals. Steve Torrence, JR Todd, Tanner Gray & Matt Smith are the 2018 season champs. Steve Torrence was the first contender in NHRA history to sweep all six countdown races. Matt Smith set new speed record in PSM at 201.22 MPH.