Card front: (5x7")
Card inside: (10x7" — folded as two 5x7" panels)
Card back: (5x7") — Prospect Point photo (shown below), with oval white vignette
435 Cayuga Street, c. 1940 (separate 4x6 print enclosed in card)
Helm's Super Market, c. 1964 (separate 6x4 print enclosed in card)
Center Street, c. 1925 (separate 6x4 print enclosed in card)
Henry's Hamburgers, c. 1966 (separate 6x4 print enclosed in card)
Prospect Point — Niagara Falls, 2004 (separate 6x4 print enclosed in card)
BTW — I took the above photo of Prospect Point in 2004 with a first generation 2.1 MegaPixel Sony digital camera that I borrowed from my pal Andrei.

I was standing on the Niagara Falls Observation Tower just north of Goat Island. That's a pretty darn good pic, eh? ...Should have sold it!   [ thanks A.G. ]

All the other photo files were meticulously restored and enhanced by myself using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Software.

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The whole project — graphic designs, photo editing, print prep & webpage took 8 hours for me to complete. — D a n g !