Yeeee Haaaaa!
Ed McAllister rides mechanical bull!
Ed and some of his cowpoke pals courageously attempt to conquer the wild bucking mechanical bull at the 2009 BBQ Beach Party at Suffolk Downs.

Ed is the 2nd of three riders (with the black T-shirt and hat).

Although none survived more than 10 seconds, their efforts were valiant!
Mike & Princess ride bull too!
Later that evening, several more tries to tame the bull were attempted by Mike McCarthy and Princess Johnson.

Seen here in back-to-back rallies, neither cowmate stayed on for long.

Mike had some trouble mounting the beast. No surprise.

Unfortunately, as Princess dismounted the bull, she may have suffered a little personal accident.
Ed and Dan
Ed with WSBK TV's Dan Andelman.

Dan is host of the New England weekend TV show, "The Phantom Gourmet".
Gina, Dan & Princess
Gina, Dan and Princess yuk it up in front of the Phantom Gourmet car.
Mike and Dan
Mike was thrilled to meet the host of one of his favorite TV shows!

Dan was thrilled when Mike left!
Princess, Ed & Gina
While Princess and Gina discussed their love of various succulent meat products, Ed suddenly bespoiled the air.
Eastie Antics
And now for something completely different (a few years back)...

Happy times at Maverick Square. Starring Rich Young, Bob Grove and various other maniacs!